History of whitening in the West

October 29, 2021
Latest company case about History of whitening in the West

Whitening obsession, not only us, but also the beauties of the last century, even more obsessive and crazy. In the Middle Ages, Western aristocrats loved fair skin.

The ancient Spanish royal family believed that blue blood was flowing on their bodies, and they often showed people the blue veins clearly visible on their snow-white forearms. They called themselves blue-blooded nobles. In order to show the purity of their blood, they wear complicated clothes to avoid the sun and pursue transparent and white skin, so that the blue blood vessels are more obvious.

There is also a representative figure in European whitening culture Queen Elizabeth I of England. Every time she attended public places, she applied a layer of white powder made from a mixture of lead and vinegar on her face to make herself look “white as white paper.”

The rich and powerful drove the popularity, and everyone followed suit. In addition to lead powder, people have also discovered whitening codes from mercury and arsenic. The principle of mercury refraction makes the skin look smooth and delicate, showing a silver luster. In the European market in the 19th century, arsenic soap and oral arsenic tablets were sold.

These methods can not satisfy their obsession with whitening. In Victorian England, paleness and transparency were the most ideal beauty. The sickly white appearance of tuberculosis patients has become a sought-after whitening template. Even before attending the banquet, noble women asked the doctor to put a leech behind each ear to suck away part of the blood from the face. The purpose was to make the face white without blood

Their paranoid pursuit of fairness is not just aesthetics, but a blind worship of honorable status symbols and power, at the expense of health, just to have a fake gorgeous appearance.

How to scientifically whiten?

White is very important. Transparency, tenderness, and moisturizing are also one of the base colors of rich white, in order to radiate a kind of inner vitality. Vitality, water spirit, health and fairness are never incompatible with fish and bear’s paws. It also pays attention to ideas and methods. It has to be multi-channel, the surface needs to be maintained, and the lining needs to be carefully maintained. Multi-channel whitening, of course, must achieve multi-dimensional precision strikes from the epidermis, dermis, and deep subcutaneous layers,then can be used to fight melanin.

We all know that deep skin tone is mainly caused by the melanin in the dermis, and the brown melanin produced by it will distribute melanin from the epidermis to the deep base.

The melanin of the epidermis mainly relies on IPL OPT. The role of IPL OPT is extremely targeted, accurately crushing melanin, and at the same time stimulating the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, purifying the skin’s blemish pigments, and achieving a delicate skin.

latest company case about History of whitening in the West  1

The whitening of the mesoderm mainly relies on the whitening water-light acupuncture. It uses a combination of basic water and light + VC, which can strengthen the skin’s ability to resist ultraviolet rays, inhibit the production of melanin, and help the melanin crushed by IPL OPT to be metabolized as soon as possible.

With the early stage IPL OPT and whitening water-beaming and primer, the follow-up whitening and texture will increase the King Filorga who relies on the perfect complement. Filorga stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and accelerates the metabolism of the new city. After it increases the thickness and density of the dermis, the cell arrangement will be firmer and more elastic, the skin will be smoother, and the overall skin will feel full.

High frequency ultrasonic inspection chart

After superphoton treatment After Filorga injection treatment

Thickness of dermis +20% (p=0.000023) Thickness of dermis +24% (p=0.000011)

The multiple reinforcements from the epidermis to the mesoderm can truly achieve multi-channel whitening that improves the texture and gloss of the skin. The real rich whiteness is the plump and plump skin texture, the elastic luster, or the translucent from the inside to the outside.